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Lessons from the Philly 10K: Dead F-ing Last > Did Not Finish > Did Not Start

August 31, 2017

4th Annual Philly 10K Accomplishments and Pitfalls

I ran the Philly 10K. I finished and didn’t die obviously.

Out of everything, I compiled a list for anyone who wants to up the ante from a 5K. This is what I learned from beginning my journey in January until now … barely alive. Okay seriously, I was a sore mess that night because I did not drink enough water. After taking an ibuprofen and drinking rivers of water, I felt fine.

The Philly 10K Running Shirt and Bib

What You Should Do to Prep for Your 10K

Running on Treadmills – I thought running on treadmills would be a good thing. It’s not because it gave me a false sense of succeeding my hill challenges and speed. Do yourself a favor and run outside in fresh air if it’s feasible to do so.

Cardio, Weights, and Yoga – Don’t rely on running. Other forms of cardio exercise, weight training, and yoga will do you wonders.

Philly 10K Lets Run

Before the sweat and the beautiful pain.

Feel Free to Brag – Damnit, I accomplished some shit! Yes, I WILL talk about it.

Listen to Your Body – If you are in pain do not push yourself. You will regret it.

Put Your Money, Parking Slip, and ID in a Ziploc Back Before Placing in a Running Belt – You will feel embarrassed handing sweating money to your waitress at brunch.

The Philly 10K E Corral

The Philly 10K E Corral … near the Jonny on the Spots


Hydrate – I don’t care if you don’t want to stop running for a pee break. You know what’s worse, passing out because you are a drop away from turning into moving dust.

Philly 10K Beer Philadelphia Brewing Company

Worth the pain for a delicious beer!

To Sum Everything Up: I wanted to make sure I was ready for the Philly 10K so I pushed my injured knee. Also, I got lazy the final two weeks before my race and my excuse was to rest my knee. That was a mistake.

I should have sold my bib rather than use that excuse. It’s almost as bad as not drinking enough water. Still, I’m going to do my 5K210K app again from the start. Also, I decided to stick will 5Ks for awhile. There’s a plethora of 5Ks in the fall.

I wish there were more food-themed 5Ks because I love food and running short distances. If you know of any, drop me a line and tell me about it.

See you at the 5th Annual Philly 10K

Story and Photos by Dana Prophet

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