A, B, Cs of Me (or I Really Don’t Have Anything to Say Today)

October 28, 2005

Once again I “stole” an idea from another website. Considering that I will be MIA until the proficiencies are over I hope this will keep you amused. So to my four blog readers please pray for me and enjoy the A, B, Cs of Me

Oh by the way unlike the 7 Things … list I do not expect my four readers to make their own list. Asking friends to do this the first time is cute after that is just ficking annoying.

A – Age: 34 (I lie and say 29)

B – Best Friend: Stephanie

C – Choice of Meat: Steak (medium-well)

D – Dream Date: I haven’t been on a “date” in so long that I must consult The American Heritage dictionary to look up the word.

E – Exciting Adventure: Riding a motorcycle through Europe. Shopping with unlimited amount of cash (not credit cards – cash)

F – Favorite Food: Cuban

G – Greatest Accomplishment: Nothing so far. I guess I can consider college and a job as an editor as an accomplishment. Don’t be impressed because I’m not.

H – Happiest Day of Your Life: Making it to end of the day without killing myself. No, wait, seeing my ex-boyfriend and realizing 1) He looks 10 years older than he actually is. 2) He would be extremely lucky if not God blessed if he could get me a second time. I’m evil I know.

I – Interests: Reading, Blogging, Socializing, SHOPPING!

J – Joke: The American healthcare system, the American education system, the American judicial system, the religious right, and that guy who thinks he is the president.

K – Kool-Aid: Bleh! Let’s see a tall cool glass of dye and sugar. No thanks.

L – Love: Wait, let me Google the term

M – Most valued possession: My eMac, my family, my friends, and me.

N – Name: Dana

O – Outfit You Love: Let’s try Outfits: Vintage black velvet dress with mink trim. A Betsey Johnson clingy black dress – tight on the top and short at the bottom. Pink halter top and cool slick black pants with a chain.

P – Pizza Toppings: Healthy: Spinach, mushrooms, tomato slices/Bad: Pepperoni and extra cheese

Q – Question Asked To You the Most: What are you talking about?

R – Radio Station: NPR or WRTI

S – Sport: Baseball if forced.

T – Television Show: Diary of an Affair (yes, I know this is wrong), Mythbusters, King of Queens (so funny!) , Family Plots, re-runs of SCTV and Kids in the Hall

V – Video: I don’t watch videos

W – Spring

X – X-rays lately – dental

Y – Year Born: 1971

Z – Zodiac Sign: Leo; Chinese Zodiac: Boar ::sigh::

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