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Any Reason to Start Again

January 7, 2014

Well readers I hope you all had a wonderful Christmahanakwanzikasolstice. I did I managed to donate my toys for Toys for Tots before the deadline; not argue with any family members; fed friends and family; and generally, just had a good time.

New Year’s Eve I took it easy. Rather than party, I stayed at home with my sister and watched bad public domain horror movies, ate pizza, and drank champagne at midnight.

I haven’t written awhile, because I had nothing to say (what else is new). Ever since Food Rush I have been busy and got the flu. Don’t worry I pretty much baked in a hazmat suit.  I’m a major germaphobe.

So I worked hard and my website is up and running. You can order from the site by the way!

I did a lot in 2013. There’s still so much for me to do. Which brings me to my new topic:

New Year Resolutions 
(yes, it’s late who cares?)
  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Go on more dates
  • Volunteer my time (regularly – not just one)
  • Work on my freelance writing
  • Build up my social media following
  • Learn a new skill
  • Appreciate what I have
  • Stop holding grudges
  • Stop taking everything personally
  • Learn to let things go

Well I think that’s good mix of superficial and serious goals.

Okay 2014 let’s see what you got in ya!

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