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Bitter Words, But Oh So Sweet

February 14, 2013

My 3 faithful blog readers know that I’ve always been a dating idiot. I’m not very versed in “The Game.” As men always complain that women want the “bad boys,” I can make the same argument regarding them. I don’t know what men I’m attracted to want, but it’s certainly not me.

I decided to put my emotion in my baking being the bitter spinster that I am combined with the fact I got stood up for a date. Granted my icing writing really needs work. I can make desserts taste delicious, but the glitz and glamour is still a current project.

I have to say I was sad that I’m spending yet another Valentine’s Day alone.

Something did bring me out of my funk. I’m surrounded by lovely friends who love to eat the desserts I make. Besides writing such snarky things on cookies made me laugh at myself.

Brainstorming with my friends they suggested that I call these cookies Tasty Bitch.

Everyone had their favorite saying

Black Heart Jam Cookies

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