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Certification Exams, Pain, Pictures, and Eating With All of Your Senses

June 4, 2013

I promised myself that I would update this blog once a week and I missed the past two weeks. I am sorry. I don’t want to let myself down with broken promises let alone my four blog readers.

This has been a busy time. Perhaps this entry will explain, if not, excuse my absence.

Before I go into this week’s topic I have to say: “Hooray for me!” I passed my Sanitation Certification. It’s just one more step towards starting my own business.

I had to postpone the original exam date because two days before I suffered through the worst backache in my adult life. As a child I’ve had back problems and this caused all the memories to come rushing back to me. So I wasted 2 personal days and had to reschedule my exam (with a fee) healing myself.

I used that time to study even more. I passed with a 95%. I am very proud of my score. Me being “me” also wondered which questions I answered incorrectly. Typical.

As for my business, I narrowed down exactly what I want to do. Right now I have a lot of ideas flying around (again typical), but I need to stay focus at one thing at a time. I’m still writing my business plan and it’s looking more solid day by day.

Doing this has led me to dust off my old public relations degree and start networking. The funny thing about networking is I always assumed I have to go to organized mixers or professional networking sites. Little did I know I could meet business contacts at work.

While pastry is good to sell directly to the public, I have to consider the off season. That is when business-to-business relationships come in. If I can get several food businesses as customers I can count on that steady sale no matter what new diet craze hits the scene.

Also I’ve had a discussion with a few folks about my desserts. Several friends think my presentation is on the higher end side and that may turn people away. I think people eat with their eyes and nose even before the food touches their taste buds.

Just because the recipe was handed down from your great grandparents why does it have to look like a real-life example from a church picnic cookbook?

Which leads me to my next point: My sister in her infinite wisdom (or as she calls in investing in the future of The Pastry Prophet) bought me a DSLR camera. I’m sick of relying on the automatic settings therefore I took a beginners’ class that I purchased on LivingSocial.

Practicing my camera on my desserts, breads, and pastries gave me the idea to research amateur food groups, information about food photography, and food styling. Not only does this subject seem interesting, but it gives me a chance to take nicer pictures of my food.

Don’t think I have given up on food writing. I’m still working on freelance gigs. I wish I could write  more regularly than the occasional gig and here on my blog. Like everything in my life — it’s a work in progress.

Since so much happened in the past two weeks hopefully I will have even more to share.

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