Don’t Call It A Comeback

April 25, 2010

During my days of culinary school and when I officially changed careers to pastry I swore I would never return to the life of working in an office.

Although it’s a cliche saying:  “Never say never”

During the past year in moments when I was in between jobs I worked as an editor and proofreader.  It was all that I remembered — the good and bad.  The “good” was earning $30 an hour freelancing.  I hate to sound so focused on money (although I am) I missed having money to save or buying what I want when I want.

Yes, I realize that we are in a recession and a career in pastry isn’t exactly like having a money tree in one’s backyard.  I’m in my late 30s and it felt like I was starting over again and again.  I was usually the oldest pastry cook in the kitchen (vain) and most of my co-workers were old enough to be my children (assuming I gave birth to them in high school).

Once again things that I knew, but didn’t think it was an issue.

I am returning to journalism (another volatile profession) and working in pastry part time.  Mostly focusing on The Pastry Prophet.

I feel like I’m in the movie Logan’s Run.  I’m getting older and I don’t feel like I accomplished all that wanted to do.

At least I don’t have to participate in The Renewal.

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  • Reply Sewing Pixie April 25, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    Oh Girl, you're silly. If you would just stop telling us you're old enough to be our high school mommy we wouldn't have known. I'm not being kind- I'm being honest when I say that I thought you were 25 when we first met. And you're in better shape than this here 24 y/o. ^_~ I love you honey.

  • Reply Kitchen_Kitten April 25, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Who has the greatest friends in the universe? Me!

    I think I'm watching too much 16 and Pregnant.

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