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Goals and Promises – Take Two

June 20, 2007

Since I accomplished the goal of graduating from Culinary School and attaining a job in the pastry arts field I think it’s time for a new list. Here are a few goals I wish to accomplish.

Return to the habit of going to the gym and eating more fruits and vegetables. Lose 20 lbs.

Start writing professionally

Go out on more dates and eventually find a nice, sane boyfriend. More on this later.

In ten years I am determined to be profiled in Pastry Arts & Design magazine.

Invited to and win award at world-renowned pastry competition.

I think that’s enough to work toward for the next 10 to 15 years.

As for the boyfriend I haven’t been on a real date since we had a democrat in the White House. Between the pathetic dating pool in Philadelphia and school I have not had many options. Well .. good options.

Trust me I can go out right now and find a date or at least find someone to have sex with, but I want to have a relationship. And not with the first guy I trip over. Therefore I decided to throw down the gauntlet to put some action into my love life.

First: I joined I decided to do the cheaper membership of just one month.

Second: Happy hour. Moonstarchild has a theory why it is more likely to find decent guys at Happy Hour as oppose to last call at Dirty Frank’s, but I won’t get into that right now.

Third: Kelly suggested that I go to place I like such as Borders on a Saturday night or visiting vineyards. Good name vineyards not the makers of Boone Apple Wine.

At least is will make interesting blog writing for me.

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