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September 3, 2006

My dentist will hate me.

One of the things that will be on proficiency are caramels. The others will be made on a later date. So last night at 7 in the evening I got off my duff and made some caramels. I always liked my caramels sort of jazzed up (i.e. not plain) so I put some chopped up pecans in them.

The caramels before cutting. My sister was very impatient, but I told her unless she liked eating napalm she should wait.

The cleanup. Ugh! Soak in hot water and take a break!

The turn out. I think the caramels could have been just a touch lighter. Rhonda said it was perfect except it could have used chocolate.

My internship went well today. I’m allowed to decorate more! It’s certainly easier when you watch a chef that has been doing it for a long time. When it was my turn it somehow wasn’t as pretty. Not bad though. I’m getting better. I think I’m better than when I first started.

I still like pastry as a career change. Once this semester ends I want to intern at a restaurant next. Can “Miss Take-Everything-As-A-Personal-Insult” survive working in a restaurant? We shall see.

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