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It’s Business Time

July 17, 2013

Starting a food business is a pain in the rear.

Philadelphia has a long list of requirements to start a food business. One cannot wake up day and decide to make sheet cakes and sell them from the trunk of their car. I understand why rules exist so things like that do not happen.

Also there is the problem of staying focused. I don’t have ADHD, but I have the attention span of a kitten. Once something distracts me that it.

My proudest moment was getting such high scores at culinary school. My sister “jokes” that was hardest I have ever worked in my life. I had a full-time job and an internship–all while attending school. I was exhausted, burned out, and smelled like cookies.

I worked hard and stayed focus. I need to gather the same drive now as I did before.

Side note: Perfect example. The time it took me to finish the last sentence and start this paragraph I went onto Facebook; wrote a post about Cinematic Titanic coming to Philadelphia; and poked around and bought something from Esty.

So it’s back to checking off each step in my business proposal and looking for a reasonable kitchen I can rent. At least I can call it research if I find myself on food truck websites.

Links to help (providing you don’t get distracted):

Mobile Food Vending Unit-Plan Submission Guide
A Guide to Starting Your Food-Related Business (Philadelphia)
QRS Training ServSafe
Philadelphia Mobile Food Association (PhillyMFA)
SCORE (Small Business Mentoring)

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