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Learning About the World Through Food – Quebec Addition

August 21, 2013

This year my wandering soul led me to Quebec. It’s like visiting France without crossing the Atlantic. I ate macarons, drank wine, and butchered the French language for an entire week. The summers are bright and mild. I cannot imagine what the winters are like.

Let’s talk about the food.

I discovered a specialty in Quebec called Tarte Au Sucre a la Sugar Pie.

I can best describe it as a pecan pie without the pecans. I thought with a name like Sugar Pie it would be like eating a slice of creamy sugar in a crust. 
Oh how wrong I was. It was creamy, but with the distinct taste of maple butter. What’s maple butter you say? This confection is created when maple syrup cooked above boiling point into a creamy, spreadable consistency.
Of course I tried the dessert during my final day in the providence and it didn’t occur to me to stuff additional jars of maple butter to satiate my cravings in the future.
I love how not only can one find varying and interesting finds throughout any travel. Not just in another country, but cities and neighborhoods.

Like my usual obsessive nature I’m determined to recreate it considering that I don’t have Canadian maple butter. The only problem is eating the few rejects and eventual success.

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