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Life Is A Constant Transition

May 27, 2014

Although not as exciting as 2013, this year has kept me on my toes. I’m still trying to market and find a niche for The Pastry Prophet. Also my “day job” isn’t as stable as I would like. I’m flip flopping on what I should do – find another 9-5 office job or “get off the pot” and open an actual brick and mortar establishment?

While searching for my path, I wish I could be the protagonist that could rely on a mentor.

With the exception of my parents and sister, I never really had a non-family role model to ask for advice on my goals. All my decisions have been luck, trial and error. If I managed to survive with little pain or scarring then all is right with the world.

I’ve always envied those with mentors or people who were groomed to take a particular role. I think I would have gone further in my life if someone pointed me in the right direction. One thing that urged me to continue this blog throughout the ups and downs is the fact that maybe someone can learn from my missteps.

Oh well. On the bright side I can always that my achievements are mine.

I expected business to really pick up after Food Rush, but alas, things are better but you won’t see me with a show anytime soon. My three blog readers can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Now can I show others my skills, but I can see what others can do.

Enough of this shameless self promotion.

I have taken a long break from writing. I truly missed this blog even if no one reads it. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I do receive feedback from a random viewer.

So after a long thought I want to keep this blog food/pastry focused, educational, and alcohol-fueled snark.

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