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Meals On Wheels

April 17, 2013

This past Sunday The Manayunk StrEAT Festival hosted many food trucks to the area. Visitors could try everything from crepes to pulled pork.
My gastronomic gang met up at Lucky’s Last Stand to pre-game with a fine beer. First I tried a Merry Monk, which was tasty as all get out. 

By the way, one bad thing about meeting friends at a bar before you head out to eat is that the impossibility of everyone finishing their beer at the same time. When someone heads to the bathroom or answers their cell phone, my companions and I had to order another beer.
So awhile later with a belly full of beer, we headed out to Main Street to check out the food trucks. I found Say Cheese a grilled cheese themed food truck, some which only sold ice cream, cupcakes, and more! No matter what you had a craving for it could be found in Manayunk that day.
I settled on Sum Pigand ordered Al Pastor. It was a paper bowl of marinated smoked pork loin with strawberry, pineapple, and cilantro salsa on a grilled corn tortilla.

I’m sad to say that I feel deprived that I can’t feast at Sum Pig everyday. On the other hand I’m sure my blood pressure and waistline appreciates it.
The meat was tender and juicy. Although the salsa sounds more on the sweet side, it benefited the smoky flavors of the pork. I wish the tortilla had a bit more flavor because it was on the bland side. I felt it slightly dampened the other flavors of the meal.
Also I wish it was a little bit spicier. I know everyone doesn’t like or appreciate a kick to their pork, but a side condiment of Tabasco or Sriracha would have put it over the top easily.
Here’s my friend’s Buffalo Chicken Nachos. She feasted on handmade corn chips topped with cheese, spicy buffalo chick and a bit of blue cheese. It took will power for me not to stand in line and buy my own. It’s illegal to drink on the city street, but those nachos deserved a high-end beer to go along with it.

If you visit the bi-annual Manayunk StrEAT Festival be prepared to wait in a long lines and have cash ready. No matter what you are craving for you’ll find it and then some.

What food truck did I miss out on? Do you know any other upcoming festivals?

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