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Off Topic IX: Trends

October 9, 2013

I hate trends.

Okay that is not entirely true. I hate trends that beat nice items into … the… ground.

At one time pomegranates and blueberries could be purchased at reasonable, if not cheap prices. Then their anti-oxidant properties were discovered. Ah… supply and demand. Demand went up. Prices soared. I’m paying more for my Pom Juice and fresh blueberries on my Wheat Chex.

I’m sorry honey. No matter how much no amount of juice will not smooth out your age and weather damaged skin.

Don’t *#$# with my blueberries.

Everything has a trend: clothing, movies, and of course, desserts.

Cupcakes and bacon-on-everything stand aside. Meet the new kid in town: Cronuts™.

  • People are standing in lines for hours in New York City.
  • There are opportunities to earn money by stand in queue for the people with a desperate sweet tooth and little time
  • There are more knock off Cronuts™ in production than fake Louis Vutton bags

So when I strolled into my local Paris Baguette, I noticed between the chocolate croissant and the red bean donut stood gleaming in the display case lights a Croissant Donut (a.k.a bootleg Cronut™).

Alright I know I said I hated trends, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

For $3 I walked out with my own Croissant Donut. I could have eaten it there or in my car, but I wanted to try it undisturbed by follow diners and Sunday morning after-church traffic.

cronut, croissant donut, paris baguette, cronut knockoff
Paris Baguette saved me from a 3 hour wait.
It was tasty. 
Granted this is not the authentic Cronut™, but I’m assuming there’s not that much of a difference. This Croissant Donut had light and buttery layers you would expect from a handmade croissant. A delicious vanilla pastry cream filling surprised me. To top it off my donut had a flavorful fresh lemon flavored icing on top and a light sweet glaze encompassing the entire pastry.
Pros: I didn’t have to travel to New York City, stand in line with hipsters and Park Avenue moms for a tasty treat.
Cons: I still don’t know what a real Cronut™ tastes like.
If you have the chance grab your own. Philadelphia is like 2-10 years behind NYC. I’m guessing within a few years, I can rent out my time saving a space for you in line.

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