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Off Topic: Year of the Prophet

December 28, 2014

Every year as long as I can remember I compiled a list of New Year Resolutions. I think I may accomplish 10%, but I still do it year after year.

It’s the standard lose weight and get a boyfriend (both a various gain and loss), but I feel like I must do so. Like this blog, I do it for myself. I don’t expect others to give me accolades about my accomplishments or chastise for my failure. I do it to for me.

Behold the 2015 New Year Resolution – Year of Dana

  1. Blog more / update your personal journal
  2. Write more articles
  3. Update business plan
  4. Apply for LLC
  5. Exercise more and journal my caloric intake
  6. Lose 40 lbs. (see above)
  7. Eat less meat
  8. Be more positive and stop holding grudges (at least try)
  9. Delete Facebook from phone
  10. Eliminate clutter
  11. Make breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner more often – less takeaway – you are a chef for heaven’s sake!!!
  12. Open a store front or attain a food truck. Bring The Pastry Prophet to the people
  13. Volunteer more
  14. Say what you mean
  15. See more plays and visit museums
  16. Read more books (you’ve been slacking D’)
  17. Visit your friends that live out of state and country
  18. Date more, but date guys that are in your league and respect you
  19. Drink less :/ (good luck with that)
  20. Keep your promises


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