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Peanut Butter (and Jelly) Love

June 12, 2013

PB & Jams Peanut Butter Ice Cream

I have discovered a new appreciation to an old favorite. Peanut butter. I always loved the flavors of pulverized legumes, oil, and salt. Until my adulthood, I thought Peter Pan was the way to go. When I tried natural peanut butter my head exploded because all the natural flavors really came through.

Why? No chemicals. I’m a child of 80s. It really blew my mind to take a childhood favorite and make it better by serving it unprocessed with chemicals.

Still, there is one thing that makes natural peanut even better. When it’s made locally. When I discovered PB&Jams I knew I was in for more than a tasty treat. Not only could I make into a high protein snack to curb my hunger, but I used it as an ingredient.

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A butter for whatever nut you are craving.

The warmer weather that urged me to whip out the old ice cream maker. With a jar of PB&Jams peanut butter, sugar, and the necessary dairy I made a wonderful peanut butter ice cream.

I topped it off with fresh blueberry preserves to make it a summertime frozen peanut butter and jelly combination.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

PB & Jams Ice Cream with a blueberry sauce.

I used a cream cheese (yes, cream cheese) ice cream recipe from Epicurious made with one modification.

In it, I blended 1/3 cup of fresh peanut butter with the cream cheese.

PB&Jams is planning to join the Philadelphia food truck army sometime this year. I will be happy to have my cabinets filled with peanut butter and the other nutty flavors available.

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Story and photo by The Pastry Prophet

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