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September 15, 2007

Since I left my previous job I have been blessed in receiving three job offers … of course I picked the one that paid the most; used most of my severance package to pay off my credit card bills [no longer MasterCard’s bitch – priceless] ; and met a really great mentor.

There have been some downfalls since then such as my current employer never took out any federal taxes (I made sure that was fixed); lecherous line cooks (go for the eyes or the balls); no personal or paid holidays (yes, they may not be open for Christmas, but I still won’t receive money for that day); and piles of work but overtime is frowned upon. Okay, if you think I am going to work for free then you are completely nuts.

Believe it or not I feel like I have learned all I can learn at this place. I received one job offer that I had to turn down. It was a job to be a baker/pastry chef a good hour’s drive away. When asked if who I would be working under I was told I would be flying solo … again. Unfortunately it is a common misconception that all one needs to learn about pastry can be found on the Internet. If that is true then why the hell did I pay $30,000 for school? Also I would be making bread and decorating wedding cakes all by myself. I’m not that good yet. I would feel more comfortable if I worked under someone. There is so much I don’t know still.

Although I am running on fumes I want to find a part-time job where I can learn and also get some extra cash. Like I said earlier I cleared my credit cards with my severance package and although I still have some money I’m a cheap bastard. I always say you can never be too rich or too thin.

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