Restaurant Station, Breakfast Baskets, and Me

January 28, 2007

Hello five blog readers!

Things have been quite busy for me therefore I must ask you to forgive the long pause between posts.

The job hunt has begun. I have sent my resumes to various restaurants in the city. So far I received a few nibbles. I have not abandoned whole freelance writing. I emailed the article to Yoga Cat to help me tailor it to be more of a feature. I shall not leave no stone unturned. Also I am very lucky to have 11 years experience in a professional field and a severance package. One of my New Year’s Resolution is stop acting so pessimistic.

One thing that I must make into a positive situation is the fact that in two months my current job will be no more. I have put out the resumes to area restaurants, but I am willing to commute as far as Delaware, King of Prussia, PA, and Southern New Jersey. Also because of my servance package I have opportunity to be more choosey meaning no Cracker Barrel or Dennys.

Another very nice thing that happened during the week is that I received a request to make a Breakfast Basket.

The basket contained Budapest coffee cakes (baked in a blossom tin), elephant ears, mini muffins (chocolate, chocolate chip, corn), regular sized blueberrry muffins, and scones (chocolate chip and dried cranberry). The hostess was really pleased with what she received and I made a nice profit.

Once again on Restaurant Station I made it through without a scolding. If I can do again next week it will be amazing. I would take pictures of the desserts, but we are so busy in the kitchen it is impossible to do so. It difficult to do three and more things at once while taking pictures. Also that can be annoying.

Next term I have torts and wedding cakes. My idea is to take a picture of a wedding dress and base my design of a cake off of that. One student took a china pattern to design their cake. Very nice. NO GIANT BOWS AS THE CAKE TOPPER! I hate that, but if anyone pays me enough to do that….

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  • Reply Anonymous January 30, 2007 at 12:34 am

    Yo! Blog reader numero uno here, and I decided to comment.

    First of all, kudos to you for not compromising your principles, and waiting until you find a job you like. You worked in a job for 11 years that you really didn’t completely enjoy (to put it mildly), so now is the time to be patient and wait until the right job comes along for you.

    Nice to see that you are not limiting your job search to local geography. However, between us, (or if you would like to include the other four blog readers, among us) I firmly believe there is not a better city to work or recreate in than Philadelphia. You have the people, history, scenery, and I can go on and on about a certain movie franchise that was based there, but long story short, be thankful you are there. Quote me on that.

    The photo you had about the breakfast stuff looked DAMN GOOD!

    You mentioned the freelance writing. Have you thought of whipping up some short pieces for the City Paper, just to have in your portfolio?

    Last, and certainly not least, let us rejoice, for Van Halen and David Lee Roth are reuniting (sort of, since Michael Anthony the bassist won’t be with them). Hallelujah!!!!!

    ROCK ON!!!

    Be glad you don’t work where I am, since the last two Saturdays I have been there, and have averaged 50 hours per week.

    — I.S.

  • Reply Kitchen Kitten January 30, 2007 at 2:11 am

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I have the best friends in the known universe.

    I had hope to have a little vacation, but I’m paranoid. I want to hit the iron while it’s still hot.

    I do need to take my big butt to the gym at least.

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