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Same Show, Different Audience

June 15, 2007

Just call me the Faux Vegan

One of the cool things about my job is that once I have the breakfast and lunch items out of the way I am allowed to introduce new things to the menu. Things I set out in our cafe are lemon raspberry tarts, fruit tarts with mousseline cream, coffee flavored mini eclairs, and the vegan cookies.

My vegan cookies are a favorite to Moonstarchild. Whenever I piss her off I say “I’m sorry” with a batch of the cookies. I figured if she likes them why not try them out on the hipster crowd that visit the cafe everyday.

I spoke about my vegan cookies before. I entered them at my culinary school’s cookie contest and one chef said to me: “I’ve tried the cookies and they are good, but people want to eat a real cookie.”

So if you are a vegan “screw you”?

I made the batch and tested them out on our Bobby the vegan grill guy (he cooks meat but he refuses to eat animal based products, but the man makes a mean cheeseburger) and a vegetarian cashier, Peter. The cashier would have preferred it not so thin, and my grill guy loved it the way it was. I baked off eight and sent it down the the Cafe.

An hour or so later I went down to check on it and it had not been touched. Why? Because they were hidden behind the brownies, muffins, and other cookies. When I asked Peter to move them he later told me that he sold eight in 15 minutes.

I have a few other vegan recipes to try on this crowd now I found an audience to try my vegan desserts on.

My vegan desserts did cause an amusing uproar in the kitchen. One cook believes people who choose to have a vegan diet no matter what their reason for it should not be catered to. Luckily my boss thinks he is a nut too and encouraged me to create other desserts.

Can’t we all just get along?

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