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She Works Hard for the Money

October 13, 2008

Fun times … my four faithful blog readers … fun times.

Since I started working my current job I have endured pay cuts, shortened hours, and working in other stations – e.g. pantry station = boring. Also I have come to the conclusion that I really don’t like working in restaurants. First of all there are the chefs who scream at you as if someone’s life is in jeopardy. Dessert plating is not open heart surgery. Besides sanitation and cross contamination I don’t have anyone’s life in my hands. Also I have a problem with any 25 year old cursing at me. Don’t think it is beyond me to beat a twenty-something executive chef like their mother should have. I am already on edge.

Next is the fact the recession is a killer. No one has any money and people are not eating out as much as they used to. The owners and chefs don’t care if you have bills to pay. If things are slow they will tell you to go home or not to come in the next day. Oh I miss the days of salaried employment.

So I picked up two more part-time jobs. One is a startup company where I can hone my decorating and piping skills. The other is a hippy, green loving market. Both involve food and I will be making the same amount of money as my current job. The best thing is that I can walk to both jobs. The worst thing is now I am working seven days a week.

There are times I wish I was still an editor. Yes, the job sucked but I shopped at Sephora every week and Macys every month. The last item of clothing I bought was Chef Wear pants. I wonder if PRN did not close their bureau would I return to ask for my job back? My hearts aches on the fact that it would be something I would do. Soul sucking job or stripper? Tough choice. I’ll say this … office jobs do not offer shift drinks.

So much for following your dreams. I still don’t want to give up yet. A friend told me I really haven’t struggled in a career before. Therefore doing it now is a shock to my thirtyish brain. One thing I was not told in culinary school was how long must I struggle? Will I read this blog entry one day and think to myself: “Why am I bitching? It wasn’t so bad!” or “I can’t believe I lasted this long before giving up.”

I just can’t give up. Pastry is the first time in my life that I do well at something … besides 80s cartoon trivia.

I’m going to post this video because as I was re-reading this blog entry a song starting to play in my exhausted brain.

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  • Reply Italian Stallion October 13, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    Hey, if anyone knows how hard it is to get a job out there, it’s yours truly. It took me close to 6 months to find a full-time job. Granted, the pay is awful, but I now have a snazzy title on my resume.

    At this point, I don’t know if you want encouragement to stick with it, or what. I can tell you that working 7 days a week will get old, awfully quickly. You need to decide if that makes you happy.

    I’m not so sure it does.

    I hear you about the PRN route. As horrible as it is to hear, it was the best job we both ever had. We never worked weekends, we had decent health coverage, and hey, there’s always a need to put out news. The $50 AmEx checks every now and then never hurt, either.

    As for whomever is yelling at you, I have someone like that in my organization. Scarlett told me that if it ever happens to me, tell them kindly I won’t ever be verbally abused. If it happens again, walk away and head to my office. If they want to fire me, they can fire me. But I would have my principles, I’d get unemployment, and they would have to not only re-hire someone, but learn how to manage that person. Yelling and screaming is not the way to manage people at all.

  • Reply Kitchen_Kitten October 13, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    I had to work weekend once and awhile under LJ regime. I guess that is why she is making more money than I am.

  • Reply Italian Stallion October 16, 2008 at 1:18 am

    She’s making more money than you because she’s an emotion-less fembot.

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