Sugar-Free (Not Flavor Free) Apple Pie

February 26, 2012
Sugar-Free Apple Pie

Another way I’m going to renew my passion for pastry is directing my attention to the people who cannot or prefer not to eat sweets.

I have diabetics in my family and among my friends. I want to dazzle them with my skills as a pastry chef, but unfortunately they have to sit on the sidelines and appreciate the appearance and scent without indulging.

By the way, in my experience as a pastry chef I have noticed that the staff always turned their nose up and stated that they don’t like desserts, but when there were extra scrapes you better watch your fingers!

What I’m trying to say … most people do like desserts whether they want to admit it or not.

My dad is an apple pie aficionado. [Insert Preferred Higher Power] help you of you give him a slice with a nasty crust and hard apples. He takes his pie very seriously.

So I tried my hand at it. Voilà! I survived another day.

This apple pie recipe isn’t completely sugar free. The organic apple juice and fresh apples both contain fructose.  Also, the carbs from the crust is known to raise sugar levels. My dad checked his sugar levels and said his reading was no higher than usual after he eats a meal.

This pie isn’t as sweet as a “regular” pie, but it does satisfy your sweet tooth. Also if you do have an insatiable sweet tooth pair it with some vanilla ice cream. You will be happy without going into sugar shock.

This recipe was taken from Taste of Home Sugar-Free Apple Pie. The only things I changed were the apples. I used red delicious instead because it’s my favorite when using apple pie. The sweetener used is xylitol.

The xylitol did not leave an after taste that I’ve found in aspartame or saccharine. I don’t know why saccharine is still on the market … it tastes like hate!

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