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Sugar Rushed: Spark Philadelphia Dessert Benefit

March 23, 2015

Pastry for a Great Cause

This Monday I had a wonderful opportunity to be a vendor at the 2nd Annual Sugar Rush: A fundraiser to benefit Spark Philadelphia. As much as I make fun of parents and their offspring, I do want to help kids succeed. Since I have little patience for young humans, I am happy to do what I can otherwise.

I love my sign. Designed by Whippet Graphics

I figured the other vendors would present the latest trends of desserts such as cupcakes and macaroons. I wanted to give something I’m really proud of my mini pies.

Considering that I am an army of one, I decided to forgo sleep and work non-stop on 4 types of pies.

More and one person took several and I can’t blame them.


Pecan pie bites. A throwback from my tenure at Time Restaurant


Spark Philadelphia Dessert Benefit Blueberry Tarts

Mini Hand Pies are much better than Pop Tarts.

Spark Philadelphia Dessert Benefit Apple Pies

Mini apple crumb pies!


Spark Philadelphia Dessert Benefit Lemon Tarts

Mini lemon tarts with rosemary.

I love my sign so much.


Spark Philadelphia Sugar Rush Pecan Pie Blueberry Tarts

Pecan Pie Bites and Mini Blueberry Hand Pies


Spark Philadelphia Sugar Rush Apple Pies Lemon Tarts

Mini apple crumb pies and lemon tarts.


Spark Philadelphia Dessert

My dessert table is ready for sampling.

I may be exhausted, but I made people happy with sugar and carbs. That’s all I need.

Story and Photo by The Pastry Prophet

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