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The Pastry Prophet Coming Soon to Your TV

October 2, 2013

So I competed on a baking competition show…

It was phenomenal!

I entered because my friends encouraged me to do so. Casting calls for Top Chef: Desserts and Hell’s Kitchen came and went. I didn’t think I had what reality television was looking for. When my local ABC affiliate asked for people to apply for their holiday bake off- I applied.

Lo and behold I soon found myself whisked off to sunny San Francisco. My favorite city within the continental United States.

This December as you decorate your homes for Christmas, Hanukkah, and maybe Kwanzaa, you may flick your cable to the Live Well Network’s Food Rush and see my Cheshire Cat grin.

I didn’t know how I would perform in front of cameras. To tell you the truth, I soon forgot about them and focused on the moment.

Now my annoying laugh and snarky attitude will be available for all to see.

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