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Eat Local: Chestnut Hill Chew Philly Food Tours

July 27, 2017
Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop Chew Philly Chestnut Hill Food Tours

Food Tours Showcasing the 215

When you think of Philadelphia food, you may think of TastyKakes or Philly cheesesteaks. Chew Philly’s Food Tours show food tourists a plethora of mouth-watering selections and fascinating history located in the lovely not-so-far area outside of Center City.

Learn about one of the oldest and affluent areas of Philadelphia – Chestnut Hill. The Chew Philly Food Tour takes gastronomists to various food establishments and specialty stores to try various delectables. Don’t worry if you have food allergies or specialized diet, just let your guide know before you start your journey.

Chew Philly Food Tour Guide Elyse gives us a run down of what we should expect. My tummy is rumbling.

A Chestnut Hill Staple…they are expanding to accept even more guests.

A table at McNally’s Taven holds the sacred (and trademarked) Schmitter that awaits us.

You have to visit McNally’s Tavern or take a Chew Philly Tour to find out how this sandwich earned its name.

Philadelphia holds many distinct neighborhoods. Chestnut Hill is just one of them.

On to The Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop.

Find everything you need for a cocktail party, a romantic dinner, or a gift basket.

A wheel of delectable blue cheese. I can eat that on my own.

Find the perfect vinegar and, of course, olive oil at A Taste of Olive.

Learning about the careful process and selection that comes into play.

Time to whet our whistle with beer and brownies (you read that right) at Iron Hill Brewery.

This brownie was made for Iron Hill Brewery by The Night Kitchen.

Two tasting of perfect brews for a hot July day.

We take a break from tasting to tell us how Chestnut Hill evolved into the neighborhood it is today.

Neighbors take care of the property with beautiful plants, trees, and flowers like you see here.

Architecture inspired by old homes in England. Designers were sent across the Atlantic during the area’s residential boom.

We end our tour at Bredenbeck’s Bakery with a WHYY Ice Cream Sundae.

Although I’m a native Philadelphian, I was amazed at the amount of information I did not know about the area. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I suggest that you schedule a tour for yourself. They also have Authentic Philly Food Tour (within the historic Manayunk area) and the autumnal Haunted Food Tour.


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Story and photos by The Pastry Prophet

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